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(EXO) In the end it all comes down to luck

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Jun. 19th, 2012 | 07:16 pm

Title: In the end it all comes down to luck
Rating: PG
Word count:1900
Pairing: Baekhyun/Chanyeol
Genre:crack/ fluff/ humour
Summary:Chanyeol convinces Baekhyun and others to play what is possibly the greatest board game ever.

In the end it all comes down to luck

Baekhyun stared down at one of the presents a fan had given him bemusedly, turning it over in his hands absentmindedly to try to read the English on the back.

I really can’t believe some of the things people think are a good idea to give us, thought Baekhyun, I mean really where do they even find such things and aren’t they embarrassed buying them?

He just started to sigh, not really understanding what he was reading, but the pictures were more than enough to get the gist of it. He was about to throw it back in his pile of swag, sure it would never see the light of day again when he felt the breath of someone on the back of his neck, someone who was staring at the gift excitedly.

Oh my god, Oh my god, is that what I think it is? Chanyeol flailed about spastically, grabbing the box from Baekhyun’s hands and practically hitting himself in the head with it in his desire to take in every inch of it in its full glory. He then proceeded to sound out the title prominently displayed in swirling text on the front of the box.

Puh-litey Puh-litey Puh-lin-cess. Pretty Pretty Princess.

And in that moment Baekhyun knew he was doomed. Doomed to play what as far as he could make out was a dress up board game for 5 year old girls with Chanyeol.

This has got to be the best game ever!! Shouted Chanyeol in sheer glee.


Baekhyun had tried, really he had. He said such things as, No Chanyeol I will not play that ridiculous game with you.
No you cannot make me.

Keep that box away from me; shoving it in my face is not going to convince me otherwise.

Neither is your face.

Nor your puppy dog eyes.

Or your serial killer smile.

It’s not going to work this time.


I mean it.

And yet somehow Baekhyun had found himself sitting down on the floor, all the pieces of the game laid out in front of him, about to play despite all his protests. Wasn’t that just invariably the way of things when Chanyeol got an idea in his head? He looked around at the other two Chanyeol had coerced into playing with him, well okay perhaps coerced wasn’t quite the right word, as Tao seemed to actually be looking forward to it, and Baekhyun had the sneaking suspicion that Jongin was as well.

So the back of the box says that you spin the arrow thing and then you move around the board collecting whatever piece of jewelry you land on, and you need all your jewelry, the black ring and the crown to win Chanyeol declared triumphantly.

Tao rolled his eyes, No that says you can’t win if you have the black ring. Really who taught you English?

What but the black ring’s the best part? Chanyeol replied totally shocked I mean who wouldn’t want it, it’s all shiny and cool and black and diamond shaped and….

Baekhyun cut him off right there, knowing he could go on for hours if you let him, and really by that point he’d probably have written a number of sonnets to the beauty of a piece of cheap plastic.

How about we just change the rules than Chan, so you can win with your black ring?

Tao glared at Baekhyun, But those aren’t the rules.

Yes… but they could be.

I don’t want to have to wear that ring to win; it totally will ruin the whole look.

The look?

Yes, as the back of this box so proclaims that when you win “Then you’ll be pretty as a princess- the Pretty Pretty Princess!” And that ring is. not. pretty.

Trust Tao to be concerned with how he was going to look when he won. That and just how sure he was he was going to win. Baekhyun considered making a run for it, they hadn’t even stated playing yet, and they’d already fought about who was going to be what color, (the fight over pink had been particularly vicious with Jongin somehow snatching it away, Tao had settled for Purple, Chanyeol had chosen green, and Baekhyun went with the color no one else wanted, blue. Because he really could care less.) and now this mess of a scene. Who said these kids were adults, I mean really?

Chanyeol probably more out of fear that his epic board game experience was about to fall apart than anything else made a tearful proclamation that while he didn’t think it was right that this lovely ring should suffer such an unfair punishment merely for being awesome, and that he loved it no less than he did before, that never the less he would abide by the rules of the game this time. This time.

Jongin tried to look anywhere but at Chanyeol as he said this as Chanyeol could be the most embarrassing person on the planet when he wanted to be. Which was more often than not.

Right… so that’s settled then. Let’s hurry up and get this embarrassing game over with, shall we?

No one said anything for a moment as they all side eyed Baekhyun. Some more than others.

What? Why are you all looking at me like I told you Bambi’s Mother dies?

I don’t think that really the right analogy Baek, but….
Chanyeol trailed off, becoming lost in thought as to just what would be the best Disney analogy to describe this moment.

*cough*light raves*cough*

Baekhyun turned sharply to face Jongin. I’m sorry, what did you just say?

Jongin looked up at Baekhyun, not the slightest bit abashed, with a touch of amusement playing out across his face. Oh you heard what I said, don’t pretend you didn’t.

Light Raves are cool okay.

Yeah, sure, whatever you say. Just like bowties and fezzes are.

I think you just totally invalidated your point by making Dr. Who references, Jongin. And even If you didn’t, don’t think I don’t have blackmail videos of you participating in said light raves. Blackmail videos I am not afraid to release to the general public. Your call.

A small smile appeared on Baekhyun’s face as he saw the effect his words had had upon his friend. Jongin stopped meeting Baekhyun’s gaze, and swallowed nervously. He started staring at his fingernails like he’d been born without them. Yes, Baekhyun had definitely won this round.

It’s more like Aladdin trying to give someone fashion advice.

Chanyeol rambled on, not having taken any notice of the confrontation in front of him.

I mean just ‘cause you’re a street rat doesn’t mean you have to dress like you stole someone’s curtains and made them into harem pants.

Thank you for that fabulous bit of insight Channie. Now, as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, let’s play this game already.

Chanyeol’s attention was once again shifted back to the people around him, as he let out with a squee, YESSSSS! Because Baekhunnie is going to be the prettiest princess who ever princessed!

Tao Sighed and glanced at Baekhyun, Just you try to take that crown from me, I dare you.

And so started the most epic game in the history of EXO planet and the world.


How did it end though one might ask? Who won? Who lost? Who came so close only to have the crown snatched off in the final moments? The answers are these:

Baekhyun did not in fact become the rightful heir to the title of ‘prettiest princess’ despite Chanyeol’s attempts to stick more jewelry on him when he thought no one was looking (as Tao always noticed, and made him put it back where it belonged.)

Chanyeol came disturbingly close to winning several times, but never quite made it as he seemed fated to always be in possession of the black ring. Which he was all too happy about, he didn’t really want to win anyway. For Chanyeol the fun was in the game itself, and being ridiculous with his friends. Tao ended up throwing a fit and chasing Jongin around the room when Jongin won.

Tao’d been so close to winning, only to have Jongin take his crown and become the prettiest princess. It was unfair after all, Jongin always managed to win everything. Even this.


Chanyeol and Baekhyun leaned against each other in the corner of the room, Baekhyun’s head on Chanyeol shoulder, and Chanyeol’s head resting lightly on top of Baekhyun’s. They just sat there contently, with the remains of the game scattered across the floor, watching Tao chase Jongin with the ferocity of a Lion. Chanyeol started playing with the black ring that was still firmly on his ring finger. He murmured in a tone that was suspiciously close to embarrassment, an emotion that Baekhyun had a hard to associating with Chanyeol, that, I really did want you to win Baek.

Baekhyun raised his head a little from Chanyeol’s shoulder in order to get a look at his face. He could see the sincerity written all across it, as much as he was trying to hide his face behind his cascading curls. Baekhyun had to stifle a laugh, really the things this boy got serious about. So he settled for an, I know.

You would have been so pretty.

What do you mean would have been? I’m freaking gorgeous.

They both started giggling like five year olds at this. And then suddenly an idea came to Baekhyun, and he cupped his hand to Chanyeol’s ear to whisper his master plan.

Let’s go tackle those other two and take a bunch of selcas with all of us as pretty princesses.

Chanyeol’s eyes lighted up at this suggestion, I’ve totally been wanting a new screensaver for my phone! The reign of Princess Baekhunnie is nigh!

You say that as if all your screensavers aren’t of me.

Chanyeol ruffled Baekhyun’s hair while saying Why would I want anything else? Before starting off at a full out run at Tao and Jongin, laughing like a fool. Baekhyun followed less than a pace behind.

The night ended with a photo session, and the four of them piling into Baekhyun and Chanyeol’s room to watch a copy of Titanic Chanyeol had nicked from Jongin’s room. Jongin made shifty eyes, and tried to declare that it was a classic, a masterpiece of a movie, that had won eleven academy awards. No one believed that that was why he really liked the movie. They all knew he had an embarrassing crush on Kate Winslet. But that wannabe hipster side of him didn’t like to admit it.

They had the most wonderful time dramatically acting out scenes from the movie, and singing along to ‘My heart will go on’. Tao looked rather distraught when Rose dropped the necklace into the ocean in the end, clutching at the necklace he was still wearing.

It turned into a sleepover with Tao in Chanyeol’s bed, Jongin being his ungraceful self was sprawled across the floor snoring. And Chanyeol and Baekhyun snuggled up together in Baekhyun’s bed.

Baekhyun whispered before he fell asleep in Chanyeol’s arms that he had ended up actually enjoying the game.
Chanyeol pulled him tighter and whispered back that he loved him too, silly.

That’s not what I said.

But it’s what you meant.

…Yes it is.

A/N: Going to pretend I really edited this, in other words apologies if there are a bunch of grammatical errors. Too excited that I actually finished writing something for once.

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From: han_corrupted
Date: Oct. 22nd, 2012 07:40 pm (UTC)

THIS IS A RIDICULOUS PIECE OF WONDERFULNESS OKAY?! I have so many feelings about this. All of them superduper happy to the point where I want to throw up sparkly rainbows. Or pretty pretty princess plastic jewelry. This is crack at it's finest, I swear.

First, we would give that gift to Baekhyun, because we're nuts like that. Second, Chanyeol would be the one to be all into it and make everyone play it. Third, PERFECT MEMBERS TO PLAY IT WITH! (Though I suspect Jongdae and Xiumin wouldn't be wholly adverse to the idea, neither would Luhan - and Sehun after prodding from Luhan (which, just throwing it out there, would be the best. sequel. ever!).)

Oh I love this, because although it's crack and silly and just stupid, it's so in character as far as how we see the boys! LOVE! Jongin the mushball who wins at everything, Chanyeol the weirdo who is just the biggest kid, Tao the crazy competitive-even-at-kid-games, and Baekhyun the reluctant-but-into-it-anyway. Oh my boys!

Chanyeol's rants were super adorable. Especially everything he said about Baekhyun. Because he's such a sweetheart like that. "Because Baekhunnie is going to be the prettiest princess who ever princessed!" - You preach it, Chanyeol, darling, because it's so true! Also, I love that Chanyeol makes nouns into verbs because he can. He's such a five-year-old like that. Bless his soul. "The reign of Princess Baekhunnie is nigh!" He would totally have that caption on a picture of Baekhyun on his phone, wouldn't he? <3


Edited at 2012-10-22 07:45 pm (UTC)

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From: sparklzyfairy
Date: Oct. 24th, 2012 09:16 pm (UTC)

Totally wasn't expecting any more comments on this story,especially such a lovely one as this!
Sounds like you enjoyed it about as much as I did writing it, because let's face it I thoroughly enjoy writing ridiculousness.
And ot going to lie, when I was deciding which Exo members to include in this, Jongin made the cut because he wins at everything. I could not ignore the canon that is Jongin's winning!
Thanks so much for all your kind words, they are greatly appreciated! ;--;
And sequel you say? Well you never know ~~~~~ kekeke

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