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(EXO) The Devil's in the Details 2/2

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Jul. 16th, 2012 | 06:50 pm

Title: The Devil's in the Details
Rating: PG-13
Word count:11,900
Pairing: Luhan/Jongin
Genre:drama, romance, supernatural
Summary:For Luhan fate isn't just a concept, it's an unfortunate fact of his existence. But maybe this time around things could change...

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Jongin heard the next day about the great time that they’d all had eating at Joonmyun’s favorite restaurant from Sehun. Apparently no one had told Sehun about the little altercation He and Luhan had had, because he kept going on about Luhan like he was the eighth wonder of the world, and telling Jongin just how much he was sure he’d like Luhan once he got to know him. It was a little weird too because Sehun wasn’t the type to warm up to people so easily. It almost made Jongin wonder if he’d misjudged Luhan. Was that even possible when he was talking about Lucifer personified? Wasn’t he just after his soul again? Jongin decided that he should keep a better eye on Sehun, he wasn’t sure that Luhan wouldn’t snatch Sehun’s soul away from the kid as a consolation prize.

Jongin got a lecture from the trainer later that day that ‘No matter what’s going on in your life such violence is never okay. And we’re expecting great things from you; don’t ruin your future before it’s even begun. ‘

Jongin did his best to look chagrined and bowed his head during the entire speech. ‘It won’t happen again.’

“It’d better not, now back to practice’

Jongin snuck a glance at Luhan who was over in the corner with Minsook and Wufan. They seemed to be hitting it off just fine. But Jongin could see the faint discoloration on Luhan’s cheek, even though it was pretty obvious that someone had tried to cover it up with makeup. It looked like it hurt.

He wanted to apologize but couldn’t bring himself to. It was if he was waiting for more of a reason to, and it finally came after a few weeks passed in the form of Sehun.

He came rushing over to Jongin during their break, dragging him outside to talk in private.

‘Jongin, you didn’t tell me you’d fought with Luhan.’

‘Hey, didn’t I tell you it’s Hyung, I’m older than you.’

Jongin was clearly missing the point. ‘Barely. And the fight. I was talking about the fight.’

‘Yeah…we fought’

‘I heard it was more you yelling crazy things at Luhan and shoving him to the ground.’

‘That’s not fair.’

‘Oh? That’s not what happened? Do tell.’

‘I wouldn’t call it crazy things. I’m pretty sure they were semi-justified. I mean obviously that kid got in on his looks. He’s mocking all of us who actually had to work hard to get here. Life sure is easy for some people.’

Sehun stared at Jongin. Had his friend really turned into this bitter of a person? He shook his head before saying ‘I’m not even going to argue with you as it seems pointless if you really believe that. But I’m just going to say that Luhan works hard, maybe even harder than you. And if you can’t figure that out, you’re a fool.’

With that Sehun headed back into the practice room, leaving Jongin to wonder just what Sehun had meant by that.


Luhan’s life had started to fly by since he started being a trainee. He now suddenly found he had a bunch of new friends worming their ways into his life, and he was not one bit sorry. He for the first time was actually starting to understand what happiness truly was. He wasn’t acting as much as he used to, wasn’t trying to be everything to everyone and consequently be not enough of anything for anyone. His friends were a bit different, okay strange might be the better adjective, but they were real. He’d counted friends before in quantity, not quality.

And the sheer amount of stuff he had to do every day made time go even faster. He supplemented all the practice he did with the group with self-practice he did every evening late into the night. He hadn’t exactly mentioned this to anyone, as it felt like he was admitting that he needed more work than everyone else around him, but Sehun had wormed the information out of him. Sehun seemed to want to know everything about his new friend, and was concerned that Luhan should be careful walking the streets so late at night. The irony of Sehun’s worries was not lost on Luhan. Trust Sehun to worry that bad things would happen to one such as he. Not that he knew that, no, only Jongin knew that.

Speaking of Jongin, Sehun sure was fed-up with him.

‘I set him all straight about you Luhannie, and he’s still keeping his distant. Geez, what a kid he is.’

‘Thanks Sehun, but if he doesn’t like me there’s not really much you can do about it. No matter how cutely you pout.’

‘But it’s not like he even dislikes you really. He just seems to have gotten the total wrong idea about you and is being a stubborn buffalo.’

The weird metaphors Sehun came up with were just one of Sehun’s charm points. His hilarious near constant poker faces were another.

‘Just leave it alone Sehun, let sleeping dogs lie.’

And they left that argument at that. Jongin, however, did not leave it at that.

Luhan had picked up his stuff that he’d left scattered around the empty room he was in. He was ready to head home for the evening, it was past midnight now, and he was dripping with sweat. It took all the energy he had left to stay upright. So it was with marked displeasure that he found himself tripping and falling on his face as he made his way out the door and a foot or so down the hallway. He might also have made a really undignified noise that was somewhere in between a high pitched mousesque squeak and something like the sound of a dying whale. He was just glad no one was around to hear it. But then he heard a muffled snicker.  Except it was so goddamn close to him that even when the person tried to muffle it was still really freaking loud.  Luhan picked his head up a little to come face to face with Jongin, hand held over his mouth. At the sight, Jongin broke into a fresh set of giggles. Luhan was not amused. As his eyes adjusted to the darkness he could see exactly what he had tripped on, Jongin’s obnoxiously long legs. His legs that were stretched out blocking a significant portion of the hallway, as Jongin sat leaning against the wall.

‘Is this some new form of harassment that I’m not aware of Jongin? Or is this what Sehun was trying to warn me about when he said it was dangerous to be out late at night alone?’

‘What? No. Really no.’

‘Oh so you’re not stalking me? Because that’s what this looks like. How long have you been sitting here?’

Instead of answering Jongin shoved something at Luhan. After he’d picked himself enough up to accept it he discovered it was a slightly melty Bubble tea. Luhan started at it, just what was going on here?

‘Try it.’ Was all Jongin said as he noticed that Luhan was hesitating. So Luhan did. It was chocolate flavored and it tasted delicious. Luhan didn’t realize that he’d gone way to long without anything to drink, and worked too long and too hard. He basically inhaled it, it didn’t matter that it was long past its prime, it was the best thing Luhan had drunk in a long time. Jongin watched him consume the drink silently.

‘You should take better care of yourself. It’s dangerous to go that long without fluids.’

Wait, was Jongin really expressing his concern for him? Did he go out of his way to get this drink? Why, just why? Luhan legitimately did not understand. Jongin was a puzzle that Luhan was trying his darnedest to figure out.

‘And you shouldn’t go around shoving people around  in front of an audience. I guess we all do stupid things.’

Jongin had the common decency to look embarrassed.

‘Actually….that’s why I’m here.’

‘What to start up where you left off, was the drink just to throw me off?’

‘No, it was a peace offering. I’ve been meaning to tell you that I wasn’t being fair to you… and I’m…..’

Jongin trailed off before he could finish his sentence. He knew exactly what he wanted to say, what he needed to say, but it was funny. The last word just refused to leave his tongue.

Luhan understood nonetheless ‘Sorry?’

‘Yeah.’ Jongin mumbled ‘Sorry.’

It was at this moment that Luhan finally got an idea of just how terrible Jongin was at expressing his emotions. He was like a stubborn little child that hated to admit they were wrong. So he took this apology for what it was, honesty.

‘Apology accepted.’ Luhan moved closer to Jongin and sat down right next to him on the floor. ‘Out of curiosity just what convinced you to finally apologize to me?’



‘Yeah he told me how hard you worked, and that I was all wrong that you didn’t deserve your spot here. And of course I didn’t believe him, I mean he seems downright in love with you these days, so it’s not like I expected any unbiased judgment from him. He’d believe any lie you told him I bet.’

Jongin’s rambling stopped for a moment. ‘Yeah…and’

‘That sounded offensive too, didn’t it? I’m really not good at this kind of thing. Anyways, I didn’t believe him, but I decided to find out the truth for myself. So I followed you. Every day. For the past week. And He was right, you really do work hard. Even I can’t deny it now.’

Whatever Luhan was expecting, it wasn’t this. ‘What following me one day wasn’t enough? Or Two?’

Jongin shook his head seriously ‘No, one day, it might have just been a lucky chance, or you might have been faking it because you knew I was following you. Same problem with two days. But who would bother to work that hard to fool someone for a whole week? Even if you did, it shows sincerity in its own way.’

‘Wow Jongin, just wow’

‘I can’t believe how carless you are though Luhan, if my research has shown anything it’s that you forget to eat and drink all the time when you put your heart into something. It’s not surprising you normally seem a few steps away from passing out from low blood sugar or dehydration.’

‘I’m impressed you’ve stalked me so thoroughly. But really you should worry about yourself. You haven’t been looking that great lately either. You’re probably overdoing the dancing and hurting your waist.’

‘Hey, hey don’t try to change the subject, you. Eating and drinking aren’t that hard to do. Not dancing is nearly impossible for me. Next you’ll be telling me that because you’re not human that these things don’t actually matter to you. Just warning you, I ain’t going to buy it, so don’t even bother.’

Luhan looked up at Jongin, surprised he’d even suggested that Luhan wasn’t the all-powerful person most people would assume him to be. It was touching really that he cared.

‘Well you’re right really. I’m by no means immortal. I bleed just as easily as you. I think I just depend too much on the idea that nothing truly bad can happen to me. At least not yet.’

‘Not yet?’ Jongin queried. He might not look it, but he’d long been wondering just how Luhan’s life even worked. It seemed as if he might finally be getting some answers.

‘Yeah…’Luhan fumbled around in his bag for something, and pulled out his cellphone. He pressed some buttons until a countdown appeared. It was a little under nine years away. Jongin looked confused.

‘Just what’s that for then?’

‘It’s counting down until my thirtieth birthday.’

‘Okay, why though?’

‘It’s a reminder of how much time I have left. You see, I’ve never lived past my thirtieth birthday. No wait, there’s probably a lot I need to explain before that makes any sense to you’ Luhan read the look of befuddlement on Jongin’s face quite accurately. It wasn’t Jongin’s fault after all that Luhan’s life was so complicated that it was going to need some serious explanation. And for some reason Luhan really wanted to tell Jongin about himself. He’d never really done so before you see. And there was just something about Jongin that made him want to talk.

‘So you know who I am. But you don’t know that I’m more or less a human stuck in a constant state of reincarnation. I’m born, and eventually I meet the person I’m fated to get to sell me their soul. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t go for just anyone. And sometime afterwards I die, but I’ve never lasted past my thirtieth birthday.’

Jongin looked down at the phone in Luhan’s hand. He wanted to throw it out the window. He watched the seconds tick by slowly. Every moment was one less that Luhan had left. It bothered him, but it bothered him more that Luhan seemed fine with it.

‘That’s totally morbid, man. I can’t believe you’d want to keep track of that. And why do you seem okay with the fact that your life is a countdown to death? Is life so common to you that it’s merely a formality? Oh no need to worry about my death, just going to be someone new next time around.’

Luhan had never thought about his life in this way.

‘No it’s not like that, okay?’

‘It’d better not be, you know everyone would miss you if you died. Sehun would be inconsolable, I can guarantee that. You might be used to people coming and going from your life, but us humans aren’t made that way.’

‘No, in fact I hate dying. It’s possibly the worst part of being reincarnated. You live your whole life, and build up all these relationships, really start to enjoy it all, and then just as suddenly it’s all taken away from you. You have to start all over again, and at first you’re just a regular child. You have no idea what you are, but as you grow up you have all these memories that start to flood into your mind. It’s rather like you’re going crazy. Because no one understands, even you yourself don’t understand what’s going on. You’re just a kid and you have to deal with trying to figure out who you are, what you are. How would you suddenly like to discover that you’re what’s considered the embodiment of evil? It isn’t a fun experience, I can tell you. Nor is being plagued by a few millennia worth of various life memories. It gets hard sometimes to remember just who you are this time around. The vast majority of my dreams are little more than memories I’m trying to repress.’

Jongin didn’t say a word, not wanting to interrupt Luhan, he got the feeling that Luhan desperately wanted to get all this off his chest.

‘And my parents, can you imagine having a child like that? It’s little wonder that they tried to keep me as far away from them as possible. I know it was hard on them. I know it, but it doesn’t keep it from hurting.’

‘And just why was I Cursed with such a fate? As believe me, it’s a curse; I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. It was all because I was jealous. I was like the son pushed aside when His Dad remarried because he liked his new children so much better. I refused to acknowledge the humans, and complained that they were so inferior to my brethren. I just wanted things to be the way they used to be, the happy family we used to be. Instead I was cast out, to live among the humans. I was given the task of proving just how horrible humans really were, by tempting those chosen ones to sell their soul to me. And so I have, time after time after time.’

Jongin wanted to tell Luhan that that sounded terrible. And that he wished he could do something about it. No one deserved to have to live through such things, especially having to remember each preceding time. Instead he asked. ‘You didn’t really want those people to give in did you?’

Luhan shook his head ‘No, I never did. I was always secretly hoping they wouldn’t give in. I may have begrudged them a lot, but it isn’t really any fun to constantly see the bad side of humanity that shows up in even pretty otherwise decent people.’

‘Then why do you do it? Just because you were told to?’

‘No it’s more than that. I can always tell when I’ve encountered the person I’m meant to tempt, and from there on it’s more like morbid curiosity. And hope that maybe this person will be different. Maybe this time they’ll resist. As it’s not like I try that hard. I make the offer. I show up enough times to give you the opportunity to change your mind. And eventually they all do. So I’m afraid I have to ask, have you?’

Jongin considered the question. He seemed a little less certain than the last time he’d been asked. It certainly would be nice to end all the stress that uncertainty about his future brought. To know that he could do what he loved, and be loved by the public in return. Yet at the same time he knew he couldn’t do it. For success that wasn’t built on his own hard work would only taste bitter. He hasn’t put in all these years of effort just to cheat at the last step.

‘No, I haven’t changed my mind. We’re still treading this slow path to fame together the only way I know how. Through Blood and sweat and tears.’

Luhan smiled the biggest smile Jongin had ever seen, and he’d seen Chanyeol smiles. It glowed even in the dark.

‘You have no idea how glad I am to hear that.’ He hugged Jongin a little, before pulling away awkwardly.

Jongin smiled back and punched Luhan on the shoulder. ‘Yeah Mr. Sappy, well you have no idea how glad I am to say it. So no more looking at that countdown, okay? We’ll figure something out. Together.’

Together, that had a lovely ring to it.


The months went by quicker than anyone could keep track of. People continued to come and go, but it was as if they all could feel the promise of a turning tide on their long and winding road to fame. It felt more and more like their group of eight was a solid thing, a thing which was slowly having pieces added to it to make it whole.  Like the wide eyed kid, Kyungsoo who had popped up not too long ago and managed to get into everyone’s good graces by bringing the tastiest homemade cookies any of them had ever tried. He’d been offended when Joonmyun had tried to tell him to thank his mom for them. ‘I made these cookies, just so you know. And if you have a problem with that don’t eat them. 'Yeah he was a cute kid, thought Luhan. If a bit on the sassy side.

Jongin and Luhan found themselves closer than ever as well. They hung out all the time, and started practicing after hours together. They discussed absolutely anything and everything, and okay they gossiped about their fellow trainees too. Chanyeol and the newbie, Baekhyun, who had just showed up were a favorite topic. It was obvious to everyone around them that the two were crazy about each other, obvious that is except for the two involved. Jongin and Luhan had a bet on who would make the first move. Jongin was convinced that it would be Chanyeol; he was such a loud mouth that Jongin really couldn’t see him being able to keep his trap shut. Luhan however felt that Baekhyun was way braver than Chanyeol. And isn’t that what making confessions took? Bravery? They were both disappointed when the two of them got together and then claimed it had been more of a mutual thing. Neither side bought that explanation.

They also discussed far weightier topics than friend’s relationships. Namely what they could do about Luhan. Jongin had tried so hard to research and find something, anything, to help Luhan out of his predicament. Luhan had finally told him to stop, after seeing the sleepless eyes, and heavy book bags he’d taken to carrying around. Luhan was fairly certain they weren’t going to find anything that would help him out in books anyway. What could books written by people he didn’t know tell him about himself that he couldn't?

So Jongin stopped bringing up the elephant in the room, and instead took to proclaiming way too often that ‘Oh yeah well, I’m not going to sell you my soul! You can’t make me!!’ He always got weird looks when he did that around the others. They assumed it was some weird inside joke the two had. An inside joke that neither wished to explain. Still, it made Luhan feel better every time he heard it.

It was finally announced sometime the following spring that the ten of them, plus two new recruits were going to form a group. They all started to live together and practice exclusively together. Jongin could feel his dreams just over the horizon. All of his waiting was finally paying off. Better than that, he got to stay together with Luhan. So it was a blow when the forever delayed plans for the group’s debut announced that while they’d technically be one group, that they’d be split into two different sub-groups and that Jongin and Luhan were going to be divided. Luhan was to be sent off to China, and Jongin would be left behind in Korea.

Luhan told him that it didn’t really matter, it’s not like they’d never see each other again. Jongin tried not to disagree. He didn’t want to admit how much it would in fact matter to him. After all this was what Jongin was waiting for, and he should be happier about it. If only Luhan could just understand.

They filmed teaser after teaser, Jongin playing a part in way too many of them. Maybe there actually had been something in all that praise his trainers had bestowed on him all these years if this was anything to go by. Yet he didn’t enjoy this too much either, as it was for the most part just more time away from Luhan, of the already scarce time they had left.

It wasn’t until his birthday that year that Jongin got some good quality time with Luhan. Luhan looked so pleased with himself when he gave Jongin his gift later that evening.

‘Open it, I swear you’re going to love it. It’s so…you’

Jongin opened it. Inside lay some white gladiator style sandals wrapped carefully with tissue paper. Jongin didn’t understand at first, just why did Luhan seem to think he was going to go crazy over this? Jongin faltered a little trying to act excited about this present.

Luhan pulled the box away, and practically pushed the sandal in Jongin’s face. His eyes were shining with a slightly maniacal gleam.

‘Don’t you see? These are Naruto sandals!!!’

Jongin looked closer. And by god, Luhan was right, they were Naruto sandals. It all made sense now. They were exactly what Jongin had always wanted, he freaking love Naruto. He’d gone on for hours on end about how much he loved that series, multiple times. He’d loaned Luhan his manga collection of it, telling him to read it or their friendship was over. This was literally as perfect a gift for Jongin as you could get.

The only thanks Luhan needed was the sparkle in Jongin’s eyes. It was adorable really, and there’s nothing like seeing Jongin truly happy. That was all he asked for, but as Jongin stopped staring at the sandals like they were a holy relic he bounded towards Luhan and knocked him down in his haste to properly thank Luhan. They both landed on the floor, with Jongin on top. Luhan started to laugh awkwardly; their faces were way too close. Jongin wasn’t laughing.

He looked into Luhan’s eyes with an intensity that Luhan had been trying to ignore. Because he was afraid. Afraid of so many things. Afraid that they didn’t really feel the same way. Afraid that they both did feel the same way. Afraid that he’d just end up hurting Jongin. Afraid that Jongin would hurt him. Afraid that they’d ruin what they already had and he couldn't have that. Their current relationship was the most precious thing to him. Yet he couldn’t ignore it anymore, and he found that he didn’t want to.

He could feel all his fears ebbing away as he raised his head a little to meet Jongin’s lips, and when they met it just felt right. Okay it felt right after the first kiss, as they were both way to eager and ended up more crashing their teeth together than actually kissing.  But after that…it was perfect.


If they had been close before, they were nigh inseparable after they officially got together. Jongdae told them that if they didn’t stop making out in front of him, he was going to start taking pictures to black mail them with after they debuted. Jongin told him to make sure to get his good side. Luhan told him that he didn’t have a bad side. Jongdae proceeded to make gagging sounds. They didn’t care, they were in love and damn the world.


Luhan had always been under the firm belief that everything good had to come to an end. It was just what experience had taught him time after time. And when it came Luhan was least ready for it.

It was the night before their Beijing Showcase, they’d arrived earlier in the day to prepare, and Luhan had wandered off by himself into some back room in the stadium they’d be playing at. He was so blissfully happy that he’d almost forgotten the most important thing, that this couldn’t last forever. Jongin was good at making him forget such unpleasant things. He was far more concerned now with how he was going to survive a few weeks without his Jongie.

So it may be understandable that Luhan jumped, and a strangled scream died halfway up his throat when he felt a presence behind him in what he knew to be a totally empty room. It clearly wasn’t something human either. Luhan slowly turned towards the presence and could see a shimmering miasma of near blinding light shape itself into a humanesque figure. Luhan found himself staring into a facsimile of Wufan.

‘Lucifer’ The deep booming voice resounded through the room, and made Luhan’s skin crawl. He wanted to run away, but he knew better than anyone that you can’t run from God. God will always find you.

'Long time no see.’ Luhan tried not to sound frightened. This had never happened before. He had no idea what was going on, but it probably wasn’t good. ‘Why are you dressing up like my friends?’

‘I do this for your benefit, Lucifer. Your human eyes can no longer comprehend my true form.’

Luhan decided not to say that he’d meant why Wufan exactly.

‘You may be wondering what I’m doing here.’

‘You’d be correct’

‘You have not managed to get the human Jongin to sell you his soul.’

‘That’s correct. And?’

‘He will not sell you his soul, you have finally failed in your task.’

Luhan looked confused. It’s true that he’d made no deal with Jongin, and that Jongin kept protesting that he never would, but surely God wasn’t just going to take his word for it. That wasn’t the way things worked. God, Wufan, continued.

‘This is the end of that then’ and Wufan clasped him on the shoulder. ‘It’s all over for you now.’

That’s when the fear really ramped up inside of Luhan. Over? Over. Over! He didn’t want it to be over. It couldn’t be over. He couldn’t let God take him. He couldn’t leave Jongin behind. Jongin would never forgive him. And he’d never forgive himself for letting it happen, if he even made it out of this with some form of existence at all. He wasn’t so sure at the moment. The tears pooled in his eyes while his body became horribly rigid. No one was going to take him away from this, they just couldn’t. He’d finally found love, and a family. If he was going down, he was going down fighting.

Luhan started screaming ‘I don’t care how much of a failure I am to you, I’ve finally found someone worth living for and I won’t let anything come between that, including my death! You hear me!’

‘That is a problem. A problem I’ll have to take care of.’

‘Didn’t I tell you no? No, no, no…’ Luhan backed away from the figure of Wufan until his back was against the wall. There was nowhere to go. Wufan grasped him on both shoulders, his hands felt like vices constaring him. Luhan tried to kick Wufan as hard as he could but to no effect. Luhan turned his head, and there was Jongin staring into his eyes from the other side of the room, as he opened the door a fraction. Jongin could see the desperation in Luhan’s eyes as well as the pleas for forgiveness and to never forget him. As if he could.

Yet as soon as he started trying to run to Luhan’s aid, Jongin saw the figure holding Luhan raise one hand towards Jongin, and instantly Jongin couldn’t move anymore. He might as well have been a statue.

Wufan turned his attention back to Luhan.

‘Don’t worry it’ll all be over soon’

With that Wufan placed his palm directly on Luhan’s forehead, and an intense feeling of raw power started surging through Luhan’s whole body. It poured in, overwhelming him, and then it started to burn. Luhan was convinced that it was burning his whole skin off. What a way for him to finally leave this world once and for all, no less with Jongin forced to watch. It scorched through him, and my the pain was unberable. He kept hoping he’d black out already, he was surprised he hadn’t. Yet eventually even the pain dulled, and Luhan began to come back to his senses. He looked down at his hands and saw that his skin was unmarred. He was perfectly whole. And Wufan was smiling at him.

‘What… but you said this was the end.’

‘And it was. The end of all you’ve known.’

‘I don’t understand.’

Wufan said in an incredibly gentle voice that ‘It means you’re finally free son. You are entirely human now and can live your life as you wish.’

‘All these years you’ve probably lived under the impression that I’d given you your task to show off how good humans are. And you thought everytime you succeeded that you were proving me wrong.’

Luhan nodded hesitantly. Who wouldn’t think that?

‘That was never what this was about. I sent you off amongst the humans so you could prove yourself wrong.’

Luhan didn’t see the difference between those two things.

‘You see it was never about me. I knew my creation well enough. There are both good and bad people, but almost everyone is somewhere in between. And that’s okay. It makes them fascinating. It makes them worth loving. Yet you got blinded by jealousy, and couldn’t see them for what they were, so I tried to make you. I wanted you to find someone that was perfectly imperfect to you. That was all this was ever about. You learning to love, and finding your happiness. I’m only sorry it took so long.’

Luhan could swear he saw tears welling up in the corners of Wufan’s eyes. He wanted to cry too.

Wufan made his way over to Jongin, and brushed away a strand of hair from Jongin’s eye. Luhan didn’t miss the small spark that flew from Wufan's hand on to Jongin.

‘So this is the one that finally passed your test? Yes, you two are made for each other.’ Wufan turned back before his parting statement.

‘I wish you well in life. You can finally live and love and die as you will. I hope you’re happy. I truly do.

And with that Luhan was nearly blinded when the light particles that had been Wufan exploded and disappeared.

Jongin proceeded to fall to the ground before picking himself up and running over to Luhan. Jongin clung to Luhan like his arms were the only thing keeping him there. As if Luhan was merely a passing dream that he refused to let go of. And Luhan didn’t mind, he just clung back. Words were left unspoken between the two, because the only thing that mattered to either of them was that the other was there.  They were here, right now, together. And that was enough.


Later Jongin would try to describe what he saw that night to Luhan. How he’d seen black wings appear on Luhan’s back, only to have them slowly cleansed until they were pure white. He told of how those wings had appeared to molt, a feather falling off at a time and disappearing before it could reach the ground.  Luhan liked to believe that every feather was a life he’d lived. For afterwards he found that the memories of his previous lives weren't even memories to him anymore.  It was a conflicting feeling, he always thought he’d be glad to be rid of them, and he was, but sometimes he missed them.

Luhan didn’t have long to wonder just what Wufan had done to Jongin, or why exactly this had all come to a head now. His answer was in the hand that reached around his waist the next morning, pulling him back from a car that certainly would have run him over if Jongin hadn’t intervened. Wufan had been telling his time was up, and had changed his fate from yet another early death. Instead he was allowed to fulfill his dream to stand on a stage with Jongin here in China. The real start of their lives.

They both cried backstage that night. They weren’t even sure why anymore. They just felt too much to keep it all in.

And they held hands until the last moment at the airport, Jongin and the rest of EXO-K still had to head to Korea after all. That hadn’t changed. Yet Luhan knew that no matter how far apart they were that they’d always find their way back together. Heading back to Jongin would always be heading home.


A/N:Comments are greatly appreciated! Also sorry for any and all grammatical errors, proofreading to me is like pulling teeth.
And can't resist including these song lyrics because I feel they perfectly represent the Lukai relationship I was trying to portray

"There might be ones who are smarter than you
That have the right answers, that wear better shoes
Forget about those melting ice caps
We're doing the best with what we've got
When I'm with you, I am calm
A pearl in your oyster
Head on my chest, a silent smile
A private kind of happiness
You see giant proclamations are all very well
But our love is louder than words"- Bloc party, Sunday.

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Comments {10}

From: lynniemoebug
Date: Jul. 17th, 2012 02:57 am (UTC)

Okay. That was amazing. I absolutely LOVED the story and how you portrayed the characters and EVERYTHING ahhhh that was spectacular. Definitely memming this :)

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From: sparklzyfairy
Date: Jul. 17th, 2012 05:15 am (UTC)

Glad you liked it, and that you consider it mem worthy :D Amazing? Tell me more.

and TYSM for commenting ~<3

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From: aoiworld
Date: Jul. 17th, 2012 02:51 pm (UTC)

I give my heart to you....
Your fic so beautiful...

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From: sparklzyfairy
Date: Jul. 29th, 2012 09:13 am (UTC)

Thanks for commenting and the kind words! <3

Edited at 2012-07-29 09:13 am (UTC)

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From: thoughtsofgray
Date: Jul. 28th, 2012 09:53 pm (UTC)

this is brilliant jfc i love it to pieces. can i love you to pieces as well.

the plot is so intriguing and i loved the idea and how you delivered it.
the interactions between lu han and kai at first were gripping and the whole fic basically had me on the edge of my seat.
lu han's past was heartbreaking and how he slowly started making friends, finding true happiness amongst humans was adorable.

the end was perfect. like let me kiss your brain pls.

did i mention how much i love this? you're perfect. thank you for writing this ♥

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From: sparklzyfairy
Date: Jul. 29th, 2012 09:12 am (UTC)

Awww thanks for all the praise, dear! And yes, yes you can love me to pieces <3

Nice to know you liked the plot, because I really couldn't even tell if it was any good or I just thought it was. And I get so ridiculously proud of anything I manage to finish.... I'm just not the best judge of my own work.
And yay my dramatic tension worked! I was trying really hard with that too. Had to pace myself with revealing backstory, and the development of their relationship.
Yeha, couldn't put Luhan through all that and not have a happy end. It just wouldn't be right, and then I wouldn't be happy either :)
Thanks for commenting <3 Made me very happy~

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From: limebrus
Date: Aug. 9th, 2012 11:05 am (UTC)

This was so beautiful! I really liked the plot, it was so different. In the beginning I wasn't sure how this would actually work, but it worked out beautifully! Thank you for writing and sharing this <3

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From: sparklzyfairy
Date: Aug. 15th, 2012 07:36 am (UTC)

Thank you very much, and glad you enjoyed it! And yeah I tried to put a lot of effort into figuring out the logistics of this, because I was afraid it wouldn't make sense otherwise.

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From: smallorbits
Date: Oct. 23rd, 2013 02:07 pm (UTC)

oh my god. this is so different. it's certainly creative! you put a twist on traditional portrayals of heaven and hell and what a twist that was!
luhan's confession about his confusion and his past felt so raw and the way jongin stubbornly bulldozed through everythinv was sweet.

ngl i snorted when kris turned out to be God.

thank you, authornim!

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From: sparklzyfairy
Date: Nov. 3rd, 2013 09:36 pm (UTC)

Aww thanks for your kind words and sorry for the late reply! I had a lot of fun coming up with that twist, so nice to know it was appreciated. And I could not resist making Kris God, It was just too good to pass up.

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