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(EXO) The Devil's in the Details 1/2

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Jul. 16th, 2012 | 06:49 pm

Title: The Devil's in the Details
Rating: PG-13
Word count:11,900
Pairing: Luhan/Jongin
Genre:drama, romance, supernatural
Summary:For Luhan fate isn't just an abstract concept, it's an unfortunate fact of his existence. But maybe this time around things could change...

The Devil's in the Details

Luhan stared intently into the mirror for the longest time, while the water he'd splashed on his face evaporated into the air around him. His face was a mere inch or two from the glass, as he slowly shifted his head about, examining his facial features from every angle, watching the light play its way across his face.  He could see the mirrored reflection of himself and the world around him in his irises. A mirror within a mirror. And there in front of him were all the tiny imperfections his face held that faded away when taken as a whole.

A knock on the bathroom door startled Luhan out of his reverie. 'Are you going to spend all day in there or what, Luhan? Some of us actually have to go to class you know!'

Luhan sighed a little and directed his attention away from the mirror, and towards the door. 'Eesh, I'll be out in a minute.' His voice held a ring of cheeriness that was not apparent on his face.

'Well hurry it up then, Mister China'

Mister China was his roommates’ favorite nicknames for him, a variation on the Miss America title if you will. He was jokingly called this not only because of his naturally good looks, but also because of how fascinated he always was by his refection. They didn't realize that this fascination had little to do with vanity. It was one of the ways Luhan helped himself remember just who he was and what he actually looked like. Luhan forgot both of those things a lot.

True to his word Luhan hurried out of the bathroom, but not before taking a brush to his hair. It was always a losing battle to keep his mop of hair orderly, but he tried nonetheless. He flung the door open dramatically, bowing towards the obviously annoyed girl waiting in the hallway, 'Apologies Dear Lady, the bathroom is now yours'.

The girl looked like she was fighting some inner battle between wanting to kick Luhan in the shins and cracking up laughing at him. She shrugged off both options and just raised her eyebrows at him and rolled her eyes.  'Whatever you say Princess, actually going to attend class today?'

Luhan grinned sheepishly 'Yeah, yeah. I'm going. Got a warning yesterday that if I kept failing to show up they'd kick me out of class. Said I wasn't taking my education seriously enough.'

'And they're right. Just because you can easily pass your Korean classes without even trying doesn't mean you should. I mean really what's the point of being in school in the first place then?'

Luhan nodded in agreement. As he felt sure she wouldn't appreciate the response 'because it kills time'. Luhan was always just killing time, waiting for the inevitable to happen. For that person to walk into his life and for fate to take its course this time just like it always had. What happened up until then was little more than a formality to him. He wasn’t about to explain all of that to some girl he probably wouldn’t even see again after he left college though. He promised her once again that he’d be a better student, and that he really needed to hurry off to class now if he was going to keep that promise. And with that he slung his backpack over his shoulder and dashed off to class.


It was a warm evening in late May, the humidity of the day still lingered in the air and clung to Luhan’s skin as he strolled aimlessly through the streets of Seoul. His Korean classes had ended much earlier in the day, and he’d been goofing off with classmates at a karaoke place until recently. He’d snuck off alone afterwards, for one of Luhan’s favorite things to do was to take walks by himself. It sounded strange for someone as outwardly social as Luhan, but he craved alone time. It was all well and good talking to people and having fun, but at the same time it was draining. There was this constant need to fill awkward silences and pauses, to keep the conversation going, to appear to be interesting.  It was why his favorite people were those he felt comfortable going hours saying next to nothing to. Those who were able to just enjoy each other’s company. But in lieu of that he spent a good portion of his time going on solitary strolls, letting his mind wander.

It was as he was walking past a rather nondescript building that his mind was snapped back into reality. At first he couldn’t tell why he’d stopped in his tracks in front of this place. There didn’t seem to be anything special about it, but as he pulled his earbuds out he began to understand. He could hear the faint strains of a thumping bass and the screeches of sneakers on floor coming up through the open windows of the building’s basement.  And inside he could make out the lone silhouette of a youth practicing dance moves as if his life depended on it. He had talent too, that much was obvious. Luhan smiled a little to himself as he looked down at the figure below, he’d waited long enough he thought. Finally things were starting to get interesting.

Luhan tried the door in front of him, only to find it locked. A frown briefly appeared on his face but it’s not like locks were about to keep him away. Luhan closed his eyes and concentrated for a minute, making use of one of his natural talents. He heard a little click as the bolt slipped back into place, and allowed him entrance. Mind over matter indeed.

The hallways Luhan walked through were empty, it was clear that most of this place's inhabitants had gone home for the night. The boy on the floor below him was one of the sole exceptions. He took his time getting to the practice room, and lingered outside of the door when he did finally arrive. Luhan wasn’t really in any hurry to rush things, and he was trying to figure out just what he was going to say in the first place. The first step was always the hardest. So instead he tried to stay out of sight as he watched the movements of the dancer through a small glass window in the door. He needn’t have bothered; the teen was so immersed in his dance that the only thing that existed for him was his mirrored reflection.  Luhan couldn’t help but admire the fluid clean cut movements of this boy. He found twenty minutes later that he was standing just as transfixed as before. He might have stood there all night if it wasn’t for the clattering that announced a janitor was coming down the stairs to start on the next floor. Luhan in a hasty moment pulled the door open and ducked inside, not wanting to have to explain himself to someone who’d probably just take him as a plain old trespasser. Which he pretty much was, but he had reasons okay?

Reasons that he was suddenly face to face with. The boy he’d been watching may have been into his dance but it was near impossible to ignore someone that you’d had to narrowly avoid because they were in the way of your next move.  So instead of plowing his way through where Luhan was standing right now, he’d managed to stop himself mere centimeters from Luhan’s face. Luhan could feel his breath warm on his cheek. The boy had the most hilarious expression of total shock, his eyes were impossibly wide. Luhan found himself snickering, he just couldn’t stop himself.

The look of shock was wiped quickly off the boy’s face, replaced with one that could only convey that He was in fact way cooler than Luhan and who did Luhan think he was to make fun of him in the first place? If looks could challenge you to a no holds barred duels to the death, then this youth would have started taking ten paces and cocked his gun already.  And yet despite all this Luhan found him even more hilarious. It took a great effort to calm himself. Tear of laughter were literally filling his eyes.

‘Oh I’m so glad to provide you with such amusement.  Now you might want to explain just why you’re barging in on other people’s dance practices. Especially in a secure building like this, when I’m pretty sure you’ve never danced a day in your life.’ The youth said this with such disdain after giving Luhan a brief once over. He was clearly not impressed.

Luhan finally managed to calm himself, and wiped the tears of mirth from his eyes. He didn’t seem offended at all by the boy’s assessment of him. He struck out his hand towards the boy, ‘Sorry about that, really. You’d be laughing too if our situations had been reversed. My name’s Luhan, what’s yours?’

The boy held his gaze and tilted his head a little ‘No I don’t think I would, and I didn’t ask for your name. I asked why you’re here. Which you neglected to say.’

‘Uh, yeah. But then again you didn’t tell me your name either. Fair’s fair right?’ Luhan said with a smile. He decided to try to up his charm powers to stunning. It seemed clear at about this point that Luhan was going to have his work cut out for him here.

However Luhan’s bait was not taken, as the youth stopped even looking at Luhan then. Apparently deciding he was a waste of his time. ‘Whatever, if you’re not going to tell me why you’re breaking in here, then could you at least go be a trespasser somewhere else. I’ve got things to do.’

‘I really think you’re missing the point there….whatever your name is.’

‘I think you’re missing the point, stranger. I don’t tell any old random person my name, and I don’t waste my time on people keeping me from dancing. Especially people who look like they’d be hard pressed to do as much as the Macarena. So goodbye.’

Luhan had moved a little over to the corner of the room where the boy’s backpack lay. He heard the dismissal in the boy’s voice, but he surely wasn’t leaving now.  Not without at least a name. And looking down, a name was what he found.

‘Whatever you say Kim Jongin. Whatever you say.’

The boy, or rather Kim Jongin, turned around sharply, facing Luhan instead of the mirror. His eyes took in the tag tied on to his backpack listing his name and school, his mom had insisted after all, ‘What if you lose it honey, how is anyone going to get it back to you if they don’t know whose it is?’

‘Don’t just go looking through people’s belongings. Don’t you know it’s rude? Sheesh you’d probably steal it too if I gave you the chance.’

‘Oh I’m many things, but a thief is not one of them.’ Luhan had picked up his stride again, and his smile was almost blinding now. Jongin stepped back a little, suddenly unsure of himself. What was this guy, who even he had to admit somewhere deep down was good looking, doing here? Why did he seem a little too interested in him? What was going on?

‘I’ve got to go actually.’ Kai leaned down and picked his backpack up from off the floor and slung it over his shoulder, a hint of nervousness apparent in his actions.

‘Oh sure, sure. You seem like the busy type. No wait, more like the type who wants something so desperately that’d go to great lengths to achieve their goal. You absolutely love to dance don’t you?’

Jongin paused for a moment at the door he was just about to go through. ‘Of course I do, there’s nothing like it. The feel of electricity that flows through your blood with every move you make. That feeling of everyone’s eyes on you, and only you, as you dance your heart out on stage. The resounding sound of clapping that rings in your ears long after you’ve left and you can barely catch your breath. It’s like a drug; there is nothing better than it in the world. I don’t just love to dance, I need to dance, I crave dancing. No, I live to dance.’ Jongin said all this with a manic passion gleaming in his eyes.  Such was his passion for dance that he’d forgot that he didn’t even like the person he was speaking to. Luhan could see him positively glowing as he spoke, and he fully understood that this was the person he’d been looking for.  Jongin was destined for great things, and even if he hadn't been, Jongin was dead set to fight tooth and nail to get there anyway. To perform on as many stages in his life as possible, to move as many people as possible. For Luhan saw that it was not only dancing that Jongin loved, it was the recognition, the fame that came with it.

So Luhan started in on the sale’s pitch, perhaps it was a little too soon for it but it was so hard to resist.

‘Tell me Jongin, how would you like to become famous and dance in front of thousands of people every night for a living? Be on TV. and everything? The whole country, no maybe the whole world could know your name!’

The look of skepticism emanating from Jongin was unbelievable. ‘……I have no idea how you can even pretend to be offering me any of that. You barely look older than me. If it has something to do with a rich dad or whatever, count me out.’

‘No, I’m offering you the world. And I alone can make it happen with barely any effort on your part. Fame and glory and dance. It could all be yours.’

‘Okay, I’ll bite, what’s the catch? Because clearly if anything you say if true, which I doubt, there is most definitely a catch. And a big one at that’

‘Oh well you know…..nothing much’ Luhan wasn’t so used to that question being asked quite so early on.

‘Oh well you know is it? That much of a catch is it? Thanks, but no thanks then. Better luck with the next shlub you try that pitch on.’

Luhan’s confidence faltered a bit at that. This was not going right at all he decided.

‘All done here are we? Good night then stranger. I hope I don’t see you around again!’

‘…….it’s your soul’

‘What’d you say??’

Luhan spoke up a little louder this time, ‘I said the catch is your soul. And my name’s Luhan, not stranger. You would be wise to remember that.’

Jongin stared at the person in front of him dumbfounded. He could not believe what he was hearing. He was tempted to laugh in Luhan’s face for the sheer ridiculousness of his statement. He wanted to and yet….and yet it was strange looking into his eyes he almost believed his words. He could almost see an inhuman cast to the man’s eyes that spoke of an otherworldliness. And it was at that moment that Jongin finally left the practice room, hightailing it out the door at the speed of light. Something about Luhan just terrified him.

Luhan sighed and shook his head. Well that didn’t go as planned. Ah well, he would most certainly try again. This was not over, not by a long shot.


A week had passed since that incident and Jongin had nearly convinced himself that he’d imagined the whole thing. I mean really that sounded like the plot to some B-grade horror movie. Jongin shook his head, no most definitely supernatural creatures did not exist. It must have been the product of the total lack of sleep he’d been getting and the numerous videogames he’d been playing. This hadn’t stopped him from looking over his shoulder suspiciously every chance he got, but he was trying to stop. People were starting to give him weird looks. So it was that Jongin ende up wandering into a nearby Bubble Tea place he’d been meaning to try out for a while, a friend of his had raved about it. Jongin spared a cursory glance around the joint, it was a ridiculously cute and multicolored place, something Jongin secretly appreciated. Yes, he had a good feeling about this place. That was until his eyes landed on the person two people in front of him in line.

Oh god.

Whymewhymewhyme? Jongin could feel the panic rising in his stomach. That creature that was supposed to be just a figment of his imagination was staring at the menu trying to decide between his two favorite flavors. He didn’t seem to have noticed Jongin’s entrance at all, so Jongin quickly decided to duck behind a pillar a couple feet away. He leaned his back against it trying to slow his racing heartbeat, and to make up his mind about what do now. His mind told him very clearly to run, run as fast and as far away as possible. His feet refused to budge though, and really this is where curiosity took over. I mean just what kind of devil drinks Bubble Tea anyway? And more importantly what flavor do they get? Jongin decided he had to find out, for the sake of science, no really. So he scooted over a little and peeked around, getting a good view of the counter, as Luhan moved forwards to order. Jongin ignored the people that were seated around him giving him ‘there’s a crazy person over here’ stares. Luhan was politely giving his order to the teller, 'a Regular sized Chocolate Bubble Tea with extra tapioca pearls.' Jongin noted this in his mind carefully, it might be important later. Maybe he could discover his weakness through careful observation. It worked in the movies after all.

Jongin noticed that Luhan also paid for his tea with as precise coinage as possible. Some might think he was being thoughtful, not making the checker break a larger bill for him, but Jongin saw it for what it really was, pure unadulterated evil. Why else would anyone make everyone wait while they counted out coins? That was just wrong. Jongin shifted over a little as Luhan moved to the side to wait for his drink to be made. Luhan smiled and murmured a thank you when it was handed over to him. He proceeded to pick a pink straw out of the jar sitting on the counter and struck it into the drink, slurping happily away. He moseyed on over to a table near the window and sat down.

And at this point Jongin made up his mind. He was not going to be the frightened child hiding behind the pillar any longer, oh no. He was going to face this situation like a man, and men did things with bravado.

This was the reason that Jongin strode confidentially over to Luhan and declared ‘STOP STALKING ME!” before slamming his fists down on the table.

Luhan looked up slightly bewildered, that is until he saw it was only Jongin. ‘I wouldn’t really call it stalking if I was here first, and you’re the one coming up to me. If anyone’s stalking someone, which they’re not, it’s the other way around. Obviously.’

That took Jongin aback. ‘Uh… no but. You must have known I was coming or something.’

‘How nice to see that you have such faith in my abilities. Sorry to disappoint but I just love Bubble tea and come here all the time. Ask any of the workers here, I’m a regular broke college student living for  their next Bubble tea fix. Speaking of’ Luhan examined Jongin a little more closely 'They don’t really appreciate people hanging out here without buying anything. Just so you know.’

Jongin flushed at this and sputtered out ‘I was going to buy something but then. You.  You happened. And I didn’t get it.’

Luhan held his hands up, ‘Hey I’m not going anywhere, go get your drink. No need to blame me for more things than necessary.’

Jongin turned to look towards the menu again, he really did think it was a shame to come here and not even try their Tea. ‘Well if you promise you’ll still be here.’

‘I promise. Go on.’

‘Don’t mind if I do’ and with that Jongin quickly maneuvered himself to the front of the line and ordered a Large Green Apple Bubble Tea, no tapioca need apply. A smile of contentment appeared along with his drink.

Luhan looked at him and giggled a little. How quickly he’d gone from running away at the sight of him to making him promise not to leave. And just how much of a kid was he that Bubble Tea made him that happy. He took another sip of his Bubble Tea; chocolate really was the best flavor.


It wasn’t an easy conversation that followed, for either party involved. Luhan suggested they go for a walk with their bubble tea, in the hopes of not having their conversation overheard. Or well, at least not too much of it.

Jongin’s nervousness had resurfaced, and he was unsure of just what the right questions were anymore. But yes, there was one thing he had to make absolutely sure of. Perhaps the only real question there was.

‘Just what exactly are you? You’re some kind of a devil right?’

Luhan had been expecting the question. Really who wouldn’t want to know that after what had happened. ‘I’m not just some kind of devil, as you are insinuating. I am the original. The one. The only.’

‘You’re Satan?’

‘I never liked that name. It has such ugly connotations.’

Jongin could not believe that he was asking Luhan if he was The Devil and he was squabbling about the name Jongin had used. In the end weren’t they all the same?

Luhan continued anyway, ‘Lucifer was my original name, and it just sounds so much better, doesn’t it? Classy, that’s what. But I’d much prefer you call me Luhan, if you don’t mind’

‘I’d prefer not to call you anything, but okay, Luhan.’

‘Oh don’t be like that, you and I are going to be very close in the near future. I can guarantee that.’

‘And why are you so sure of that? I’m just going to make this clear once and for all. It doesn’t matter what wonders of the world you offer me, I am never never going to take you up on your offer. Ever. Got it? Or should I see just how many variations of never going to happen I can make?’

‘No I think you made yourself pretty clear.’

Jongin looked at Luhan a little suspiciously. That was way too easy. ‘Good…I guess.’


‘Well Goodbye then. Here’s hoping I never see you again.

Jongin broke off from Luhan’s side as he said this, and headed in the opposite direction. He didn’t glance back once. Nor did he hear Luhan mutter that ‘You can hope that all you want. But it won’t come true. ‘


 Two years later Jongin found himself in the same place as always, in the practice room, hoping one day to be able to show his talents to the world. He’d been so sure when he’d first joined SM as a trainee that his moment was just around the corner. Now he wasn’t sure of anything. Nearly everyone around him has moved upwards or moved on. He was one of the few long term hangers on of this trainee system. He’d watched people come and go so much that he barely bothered to get to know the new kids that came nowadays. Chances were that given several months of training without success and they too would go back to their normal lives. They’d go back bitter and discouraged, trying to tell him to get out while he still could, or they’d cut off all ties and try to pretend that that phase of their life had never happened. Jongin had seen it happen too many times to count. This was the reason why he tried to eschew friends there, perfectly aware that in the end their departure would hurt him more. After all everyone left you there one way or another. Those that didn’t were competition. That and a scary reflection of what you’d become. This was what years of training with no light at the end of the tunnel did to people.

Yet Jongin couldn’t give up, he’d seen the top of the mountain and he sure as hell wasn’t stopping until he reached it. He’d lived off the sweet candy words of praise that his trainers doled out to him, even if he’d stopped believing them. They spoke of how talented he was, special really, how he was getting better every day, and to hang on because surely the higher-ups would find him his very own spot soon.  It was enough to keep Jongin going. That and he couldn’t imagine his life without dance. In the absence of all else, it had become his life. And he loved it nonetheless.

Jongin didn’t pay attention to the new trainees all right, but that day of all days he discovered one that he couldn’t ignore. Luhan.

Luhan, Luhan, Luhan. He’d recognize him anywhere, though he’d barely seen him twice in his life. In a way Jongin had always known Luhan would turn up again. He’d started pondering a while ago what he’d say to Luhan if he ever showed up again, wondering if he could still turn his offer down. He supposed he’d find out soon.

Luhan looked if anything younger and prettier than he had the last time he’d seen him. Jongin decided to confront him after class was over for the day.

That’s what he meant to do anyway. It just….didn’t quite turn out that way.

He’d made his move towards Luhan when everyone started leaving. A call of ‘hello’ that may have had a friendly ring to it. Luhan had turned towards him a faint smile on his lips. And that’s where it had all started to go wrong.

Jongin found his hands moving without conscious thought, and he pushed Luhan, hard.

‘How dare you. How dare you. I’ve worked my whole life for this, and you just waltz in here like you own the place. No, okay no.’ He grabbed Luhan’s t-shirt and pulled him towards him, as he continued his diatribe in what was sounding more like a deranged shouting lunatic by the moment. Luhan made no move to do anything about it. He just gazed into Jongin’s eyes, wide eyed as a baby deer. ‘It isn’t fair. It isn’t fair, you can’t succeed where I fail. I will not let someone who only has a pretty face and who has put no effort into learning to dance or sing overtake me. I will take you down!’

With that Jongin shoved Luhan away from him with all the force he could muster. Luhan lost his balance and tumbled to the ground. Luhan face came in contact with a desk in the fall, grazing his cheek.

It was at this point that two of his fellow trainees decided that enough was enough and came between the two of them. Jongin could feel Chanyeol pulling him back, dragging him away from the fight and Joonmyun helping pick Luhan up off the floor.

‘Jongin, what the hell man?’ Chanyeol whispered into his ear. He was confused beyond belief. He knew Jongin was a bit of a strange one, but he’d never done something quite like this. ‘You don’t just go attacking random strangers, and accuse them of stuff like that. Do you want to get yourself kicked out of here?’

Chanyeol may not be his friend, but even he could see how much all this mattered to Jongin, and he didn’t want to see him screw it up for no reason. Even if he was competition.  Because Chanyeol just wasn’t that type of person, and he hoped he never would be.

Jongin shrugged Chanyeol off. He knew what he did was stupid and rash. But all Chanyeol got in a response was ‘Yeah… whatever.’ He turned away from those left in the room and ambled off as if he couldn’t be bothered. Everyone stared after him.


Luhan certainly hadn’t been expecting a warm welcome from Jongin when he saw him again, but the attack shook him. It wasn’t so much the fall that had hurt, it was all the repressed anger Jongin had thrown at Luhan. That and how he assumed he’d just managed to become a trainee without even trying, on a mere whim. That was about as far from the truth as possible.

One would think that someone like him could snap their fingers and have a shiny new red Ferrari and two billion in a Swiss bank account. That wasn’t how it worked for Luhan though. Sure he could grant any wish for a price, but much like a genie he couldn’t use his powers to help himself. Couldn’t use his powers except in the smallest ways, certainly not to the level Jongin was suggesting.  He was more or less left to get by on the wings of fate to make his deals come off. While he knew he would eventually see Jongin again, sometimes it was up to him to make it happen.

Yet that wasn’t the whole reason he was here. He’d finally got fed up with trying to coast through life, and decided that enough was enough. He wanted to challenge himself for once, and do something he wasn’t sure he could do, dance. He knew he had a decent voice, people had told him so many times, and he didn’t need anyone’s validation to know he was attractive. That was a given, a fact of life, of Luhan’s life. Yet dance, dance wasn’t something he had an aptitude for. Or at least he’d never really tried, that was until after he met Jongin. The passion that boy showed for it was inspiring, as if it was the greatest thing in the world and that nothing else could ever come close to it.

So Luhan had decided to follow in Jongin’s path on the road to celebrity, with the thought that he’d end up so much closer to Jongin if that worked out lingering in the back of his mind. He’d practiced and practiced and practiced some more, until he was as confident as he could that he was just what the entertainment world was looking for. He’d auditioned with all this confidence, only to be rejected. Rejected. Luhan, rejected. That was not the way things were supposed to go. He was supposed to work hard and be rewarded. That was the way things would work out in a fair world, but if Luhan knew one thing from the amount of lives he’d lived it’s that nothing in this world was fair. It’s why he’d chosen to stick to the things he knew he was good at, things he didn’t need to put much effort in to succeed.

Luhan nearly gave up, maybe it just wasn’t meant to be. Yet he continued to practice in his spare time, hoping against hope that this wasn’t the end. And then as he was shopping one day with friends he was offered one more chance. He was scouted right then and there on the street, that clichéd kind of thing that he’d heard celebrities talk about so often, actually happening to him. He took the card from the scout without any hesitation, and thanked them. He was going to pass that audition he was being invited to if it was the last thing he did. Nothing burns like rejection, and he wasn’t about to let that happen again, no matter how certain he was that this was just the shadow hand of fate pushing him along. He really cared this time. He devoted every waking moment to perfecting himself in the week leading up to the audition. He sweated, cried, and bleed dance. He sung his heart out. He did everything possible, and he felt like he was on top of the world when he actually passed.

That feeling of elation dropped a little when he came to dance class the first time. He finally saw Jongin again, and it made his heart hurt a little. Jongin was just so good at what he was doing, Luhan couldn’t believe that they were still keeping him on as a trainee. Surely this was someone who should be on stage. It actually made Luhan a bit jealous. When he’d first met him he could see he was talented, but back then such talent had nothing to do with him. Now he saw him as only a peer could, as someone he aspired to be like. So it was only natural that the sting of the words Jongin threw at him far outweighed everything else. Nothing hurts like someone you care about belittling your hard work. And he couldn’t even lift a finger to stop Jongin. Couldn’t speak up for himself. He felt like he deserved it.

Joonmyun patted him on the back, as they watched Jongin storm out the door.

‘Hey… you okay?’

Luhan nodded the smallest fraction, eyes still wide.

“Sorry, I swear that kid’s not normally like that. God, what a thing to do, and on your first day no less.’

Luhan wasn’t quite sure he agreed with Joonmyun on that. As this was the third time he’d met Jongin, and every time had ended up with Jongin unceremoniously leaving Luhan behind. He said nothing about this however.

Chanyeol moved over towards the two of them, and hit Luhan on the back, nearly knocking him over again. Though Luhan would never admit to it.

‘Really he’s a good kid, just a bit too intense. You’ll like him once you get to know him, promise.’

Joonmyun couldn’t resist razzing Chanyeol a little for that one. ‘Oh, when did you get to be best friends with him Chanyeol? Last I saw you were trying to get him to play ‘Sentences with Amigos’ with you and he flat out refused.’

‘Hey, hey don’t bring up ancient history like that!’

‘Ancient? That was three days ago!’

‘My point exactly. And you’re one to talk, you know the only reason he hangs around you is for the free food.’

Joonmyun made a face at Chanyeol, how dare he insinuate that his methods of bribery with food weren’t working. Everyone loved Joonmyun, as Joonmyun made sure of it. Jongin was just a tricky case for him. Sehun was about the only one he seemed to seek the attention of at SM, well that and he liked to have dance battles with that Chinese trainee, Yixing. But you couldn’t really call Yixing Jongin’s friend, Joonmyun thought. I mean, he’d barely ever seen them speak a word to each other.

However word of food gave Joonmyun a new thought. Never too early to make new friends, right?

‘Luhan, how do you feel about having some dinner with your Hyung? It’s on me.’

Luhan decided not to mention that he was pretty sure he was actually older than Joonmyun. He’d find out eventually anyway. And why mess with free?

‘Why yes Hyung, I’d love to.’

Chanyeol pouted. ‘But what about meeeeee? I love you too Hyung. I also love free food. Hint hint.’

Joonmyun narrowed his eyes. ‘You can pay for yourself if you want to come. You certainly don’t need cheering up.’

‘Hyung’s so mean. Just because I’m naturally effervescent doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make me even happier.’

‘Yes it does. The universe can’t withstand a happier Chanyeol than you.’

‘Did I mention I’m sorry for insinuating that there’s anyone out there who doesn’t like you? Because it’s simply not true! Hyung is the best! In the East and in the West!’

Joonmyun appeared to consider this statement for a moment, ‘You mean it?’

‘I most certainly, positively do.’

‘All right Channie, consider yourself lucky this time.’


Luhan watched Chanyeol skip a ring around them in amusement. Whatever you could say about these people, they certainly weren’t boring.


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